Deborah S. Howell, PT, DPT, CCP


“I believe the journey intends for our success and extends a purposeful path lined with teachings and lessons for our navigation. There is inherent meaning built into life’s experiences; merit and purpose for us all to discover.”

It is my passion and my intention to provide incentives and examples to empower and encourage you; offer you hope, inspiration, and insight to help you maximize on the life you’ve been given.

I desire to assist you in making sense of your life; to expand your view of what is possible; to increase your awareness on all that is available; to open your eyes, mind, and heart to all that is inherent, to all that is, and to all that can possibly be.

Doctor of Physical Therapy

Dr. Deborah Howell is the Founder and CEO of Victory in Action LLC, specializing in Heart-Focused Leadership and Empowerment training. Her Signature training, Emotional Muscle Fitness®, is a practical, experiential, and integrative methodology that helps enhance one’s ability to deal with stress, effectively cope with change and life-altering situations, and build emotional capacity and resilience into everyday life.

“Dr. Deb” Howell is a Licensed Physical Therapist, Certified Health and Life Coach, published Author, and Navy Veteran. She supports heart-centric health professionals and executives who are feeling stressed and out of balance or struggling with overcare and compassion fatigue to re-charge and renew.

Dr. Howell’s passion and expertise offer a unique approach and practice as a form of “rehab for the heart.” For over two decades, she has been helping people on deeply personal and profound levels to deal with pain, impaired mobility, life-altering change, and cope with the uncertainties of life. Her studies and expertise continue to expand in the areas of integrative and complementary therapies, mindfulness and heart centered practices, and working with traumatic injuries and life experiences.


Say ‘YES’ to Re-Charging Your Energy!

To Restoring Passion and Enthusiasm!

To Living Life Inspired!

To Living with Greater Joy and Fulfillment on Purpose!

Intended to Positively Impact Your Life!

You’ll be INSPIRED and EMPOWERED to take Immediate Action to

Improve the Quality of Your Life!

  • Believe in Yourself!
  • Live and think on purpose!
  • Gain a healthy, practical perspective on life and it’s influences.
  • Make positive, life-enhancing decisions leading to optimal health and a sense of purposeful living.


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